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Have you faced problems with law enforcement authorities or are you currently looking for advice on how to move a case forward and what rights you have as a citizen? This is the right place for you.

This blog has been started to give power to citizens like you through education, conversation and discussion about the laws, procedures, and systems that we live in. This would include the legal rights of citizens (civil liberties), their responsibilities, legal procedures and the court and jury system.

This blog is designed to hold conversations with people who need legal advice and the understanding of how various cases work. The cases that will be discussed can include personal injury cases, criminal defense cases, and others that citizens may face or deal with in a lifetime. We shall also discuss general laws to explain to the citizens the working of laws that are prevalent through time and applicable to large territories in a state.

The conversation on personal injury laws (also called the tort laws), will include violation of civil rights and economic or noneconomic harm to someone’s property, reputation and rights. This category of laws has been designed to help seek compensation for the loss or damage to the victim.

Another category of legislation, the criminal defense laws, help defendants in a court seek protection through several laws and policies that can contribute to lessen sentences or prove the innocence of the accused. So in this blog, we shall help raise legal topics and promote awareness regarding how to act in situations or to relate to them any new rules and regulations that may arrive with time.

With recent changes in the political and legal scenario in the country, scenario, we shall also relate to you some civil rights that you have as a citizen and how to make use of them to defend yourself against the discriminatory behavior. This shall also include the behavioral rights a person has with the law enforcers such as the police system.

Understanding these laws is important for any person willing to know what civil liberties he or she has been awarded through the Constitution.
We ask you to be the member of this blog to receive and share information about the legal arena. Any comments and discussions are welcome as long as no discriminatory or personally abusive language is used in the context.

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